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My family and I were out of the country for two weeks and had a tricky cat situation at home - the in-home care we received from Annie and Pacific Paws made all the difference in the world!! Our older kitty, Jax, is 17 years old and requires insulin injections twice a day. Two weeks before we left we added a new kitty, 6-months-old Lefty, to our household. We needed someone who could come to our house, as Jax has a hard time adapting to new places and Lefty had just arrived. We needed someone who could give Jax the injections and wanted someone who could keep an eye on the developing relationship between Jax and Lefty. Annie was able to give Jax his injections, but just as importantly Annie and Renée seemed to immediately establish rapport with both cats, over the course of a meeting prior to our departure. We knew that Annie & Co. would be able to create the kind of stable environment that would reassure both cats. While travelling, we received regular updates from Annie and Renée and when we returned both cats were in excellent health and were showing much more trust and affinity for each other. We highly, highly recommend this business for their wonderful ways with animals and for their total commitment to excellence. Thank you, Pacific Paws!

Katie, San Francisco, CA

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I have known Annie for over 10 years and have entrusted the care of my girl, Murphy, a black lab, without question and knowing my baby will be cared for with diligence and most importantly with love.
The added benefit of Annie’s care for my pup is, not only is she the owner of dogs, birds and a horse, but as a retired nurse, she is also inherently educated in the anatomy and physiology of her charges and inherently intuitive with their mental and emotional states.
I highly regard Annie’s care for animals and recommend her wholeheartedly.

Yvette, Pacifica, CA

Whenever I need a pet sitter, I immediately call Annie. My dog loves her and I totally trust that my dog and my house will be safe with her watching out for them. Annie is also an LVN and I know if any medical situation arises, she will know how to handle it and when to take him to the vet. My dog loves Annie. He greets her so enthusiastically when he sees her, that it makes me smile. Luckily, she has been available when I’ve needed her. I’m not sure what I would do otherwise. I am spoiled.

Sally, San Francisco, CA

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We needed a sitter for our 16-year-old diabetic, blind and deaf poodle. We were going to be out of the country for 17 days and care for this dog is complicated. She needs insulin twice a day, eye drops, antibiotics and stomach meds. We wanted her to stay in our home where she is most comfortable. Our dog needed medications throughout the day and to be monitored at night. Plus - she is incontinent so there's clean-up involved. Add to that this dog is a fussy eater but MUST eat in order to get her insulin. Annie did an amazing job taking care of our dog. Her nursing skills came in handy with all the meds. Annie even took our dog to two vet appointments during the time. She stayed in our house with our dog and made sure all was well. Annie took the time to email and text us almost daily so we knew what was happening. We were able to relax and not worry constantly about our dog. We'll definitely use her services in the future.

Lloyda and Lorrie, Pacifica, CA

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