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Pet-Sitting in PET'S Home

Your cat and dog will be happiest in their own home. I will provide a calm, caring
presence while you and your family are away. Your pets will be in familiar
surroundings, with their own toys, aromas from your family,
and sounds from your neighborhood to soothe them.

Dog Walking

I have been walking dogs and playing with them my entire life.
My goal is to provide your dog
with the exercise and fun s/he needs.

Pet Check-Ins

A pet check-in is a quick stop at the pet's home in order to provide
food, water and bathroom relief OR 15 minutes of play.

Medication Administration

My training as a nurse has helped me several times in my work with pets;
I am able to administer shots or pills to pets, as needed.

Alphasonic™ Massage*

Using the Alphasonic™ Sound Wave machine is a good way to alleviate pain
and/or stress in your pets.

Dog Training

I am a certified dog trainer so I can provide that to you and your pet, if desired.

Cat Behavioral Therapy

Sometimes cats act out. Before you take your cat to the pound, let’s work
together to alter his/her behavior and keep him/her in your life.

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* Annie Crow, Pacific Paws and Alphasonic™ do not diagnose or treat specific conditions, prescribe treatment or practice either veterinary or human medicine.