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Alphasonic™ Massage*

I first became aware of the AlphaSonic™ Sound Wave machine when I lived near Dallas, Texas.

I purchased a machine and was certified at a workshop on the use of it. I was used as a test subject because of my fibromyalgia. After the instructor spent about 45 minutes working on my pain points, I was amazed to feel the difference! Before the session, I had had pain in several parts of my body. Afterwards, I felt no pain! Not only that, but the other people in the workshop could see the difference. One woman said that I looked younger after the session!

First, I started using the machine on horses with sore legs and backs. Then I used it on a neighbor's dog who was old and had arthritis. I then began using the machine on my friends and family: a friend who worked as a hair stylist who always had a sore back and shoulders, a friend who had pain in her knees, and others. Some people reported feeling better immediately after their session, while others reported feeling better the next morning.

The AlphaSonic™ Sound Wave machine works on the ancient Chinese theory of acupuncture and acupressure, and uses sound waves to activate the points. By passing over the points, the sound waves reduce inflammation, a major factor in causing pain.

If you have a pet in pain, contact us; we may be able to help.

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* Annie Crow, Pacific Paws and Alphasonic™ do not diagnose or treat specific conditions, prescribe treatment or practice either veterinary or human medicine.